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Hello World

Here's where it begin


It’s been over 3 years since I had a growing interest in Modularity and fragmentation. I’m starting to take this idea a bit more serious going forward. The purpose of this blog is simply to share my thoughts, doubts and ideas that develop over the course of this research. Yet, also selfishly it keeps me motivated to put things out there and give more intention to move forward. the format of posts here would differ but for the most part, I see it in form of a public notebook.

This is a temporary post. the blog will be up and alive soon! In the meantime feel free to subscribe to stay in touch with new updates here:

> gather all the folks
> you can see
> there are two types of folks

> Type A

	> Believes in promotion

> Type B

	> Believes in pro motion

> Type A heavily dominates Type B